Objects from The Office - Watercolor Print by Morgan Gesell Art.

There are fans of The Office, and then there are people who have seen the entire series 20+ times (even season 8) and know every scene by heart and would communicate entirely in Office references if they could. On this spectrum I'm probably a solid 7, and an 8 in Scranton.

"Objects from The Office" is a visual list of props from the series, ranging from the well known like Michael Scott's World's Best Boss mug, to the extremely subtle, like the tray of popcorn (aka popcarn) Pam carries in to the Varsity Blues viewing party on Movie Monday.

An understanding of this niche gathering of cultural references creates community and instant friendships.

This is an 8"x10" print of 40 original watercolor paintings inspired by The Office. It is printed on heavy matte that is rated 100 years under glass and may have slight color variations from what you see on your screen.
Prints will be individually signed.

Objects from The Office Print

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