• Written by Hoosier Author - Nathaniel Hood. Story takes place in Broad Ripple. 


    Read below Amazon review we found that sums up this book well! 


    "A family member recommended this book to me which is why I read it. I wouldn't have read it based on the title because it sounds like a philosophical book and I don't read books purely about philosophy. I like philosophical principles but not entire books on the matter. I also didn't know what Apotheosis meant until I googled it, which made me feel like the book was too smart for me, which is not true. I also wouldn't have read it based on the genre, urban fantasy, because I don't normally read those kind of books. All this to say that if those two things are stopping you, read it anyway. You have to read the entire book to understand the title and then it makes perfect sense. There is an element of fantasy for sure, but it is set in such a contemporary, realistic setting that it feels like it could really happen. I guess that's why it is called urban fantasy. What I am trying to say is that it seemed believable or at least it was believable the the characters thought it was real. But I have to say the book kept me reading because I wanted to know what was going to happen and I wanted to understand what philosophical principles the author was trying to get across. Well I found out both but not until the very last sentence of the book!!! I am still thinking about the book and I finished it several days ago. Now I want the sequel....."


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